Each Wealth Agent™ is trained to provide specialized knowledge on how to create clearly defined highly achievable and date specific real estate-based retirement plans.

They do not provide stock, bond or annuity investing advice.

They are trained to understand how, and can explain why, the vast majority of stock investors will fail to accomplish their wealth building and retirement planning goals. They become highly skilled real estate professionals that can create and implement real estate-based wealth building and retirement plans. They will advise clients on how to purchase real estate with traditional assets, as well as, assets in retirement accounts.

The Wealth Agent™ certification program and designation totally focuses on changing the way people save and invest for their future. Wealth Agent™ is a fully trademarked name. Those who complete this program will have the authorized use of the Wealth Agent™ after they have completed this program, successfully passed the examination and agree to a code of conduct. 

The Wealth Agent System (WAS) utilizes one-on-one meetings and seminar selling to organically create clients that are unaware that they will not accomplish their financial goals without the help of the Wealth Agent™.  Wealth Agents show people how and why their current stock-based plan will fail.  Wealth Agents then show their clients how real estate-based wealth building and retirement plans will accomplish their goals with less money invested.  

By inviting family, friends, past, present and future clients to Wealth Presentation Meetings (WPMs), Coffee Club Meetings (CCs), Breakfast or Brunch Presentations (BPs), Executive Lunch & Learns (L&Ls) and “Drop By” (DBs) appointments they will be offering to change their client’s financial futures. This enables new agents and existing agents to help more clients accomplish their financial planning goals while at the same time, earn dramatically more income. WAS also helps top producers because they can easily create more business from their current sphere of influence.

Every agent will be able to stabilize their base income by adding more real estate investors to their current practice. Our agents will enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that they can and will change the financial futures of everyone they know and meet.