The Wealth Agent™ Certification Program, which is the first formal educational program of its kind in the real estate, lending and contracting industries that teaches individuals, Realtors, loan officers, contractors, property managers, appraisers and others licensed professionals how to create clearly defined date specific and highly achievable real-estate based investment and retirement plans.

The Wealth Agent Certification Board of Standards confer the global use of the Wealth Agent™trademark.  To receive authorization to use the designation, candidates must meet rigorous and extensive educational, examination and ethical requirements. After they are conferred, they must meet required continued education requirement on a bi-annual basis. 

This program was created with the core belief that people only speculate in the stock market because they do not understand the stock market and would only invest in real estate if they understood real estate investing. Our programs primary purpose is to prevent financial catastrophe for stock investors by teaching Wealth Agents how and why the vast majority of people that are currently speculating in the stock market will fail epically and why they should be investing in real estate for highly predictable investment and retirement planning results. We teach the Wealth Agents so they can show, explain and advise their clients on how to accomplish their investment and retirement planning goals through prudent real estate investing.

Wealth Agents will understand and be able to explain to your clients how and why all (YES, all) stock speculators fail to accomplish their wealth building, retirement planning and legacy planning goals.